Space Scientists to Inspire Youth on Astro-bus Week -
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Space Scientists to Inspire Youth on Astro-bus Week

An Astro-bus project which aims to inspire youth in space science technology will be launched after a week, the Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) announced.

 General Manager of ESSS, Abinet Ezra said that the Astro-bus project is organized in collaboration with the Ethiopian space scientists that live and work abroad.

 “We are very much optimistic that this project will bring its hallmark on our country’s space science technology endeavor,” Abinet added.

 Over 15 Ethiopian scientists from across the world will be joining the program to inspire and bring light of space science to the young generation.

 According to him, the Astro-bus project will be launched in Adama and will continue its tour to the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples regional state.

 Noting that the ESSS had always been striving to develop the human resource capacity of the space science sector, Abinet said, “We have paved the way for students to getting a scholarship in space science”.

 Back in the years, inadequate infrastructure of the sector was the major bottleneck to attract Ethiopian space scientists to come and work here, he pointed out.

 However, a remarkable breakthrough was made recently including the establishment of the Entoto Observatory. The plan to establish planetariums has also among the achievements, Abinet stated.

 The General Manager said “with all these in hand and under preparation the environment for space science is very much favorable and seeing significant changes every day”.

 Mentioning that some of the scientists who are working in the Entoto Observatory have come from abroad, he said “Ethiopian space scientists working in NASA and European Space Agency are now eager to come   back home and develop the sector”.

 Established in 2004, ESSS has now comprised over 10,000 members throughout the country and abroad.


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