The 82 Year Old Marriage!! -
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The 82 Year Old Marriage!!

Sometime we hear unbelievable thing and also we saw a miracle things. This a reality is not a dream, these couple who has been together for 82 years is going strong and taking each day by tempest. The 108 year old man and the 105 year old woman love each other that they did when they first got married.

Duranord and Jeanne Veillard of Rockland County, NY, are nothing short it’s always together, and they have been that way for innumerable years. Their family, as of now, includes 12 grand kids and 14 great-grand kids.

“I found him in the street.” Jeanne Veillard joked as she talks about the days in which she first meets the love of her life. Since then the two quickly fell in love and started their lives together.

They say that love is proficient of existing the test of time and this couple is a perfect example of this. The cheering loves is encouraging to new lovers and call attention to the power of being with your best friend every single day.

The two gladly use up their days act together with family and in receipt of visitors on time.



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