Mom Attends Every Class with Her Son to Support Him and then receiving honorary degree from the University -
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Mom Attends Every Class with Her Son to Support Him and then receiving honorary degree from the University

This story is a very inspirational, Judy O’Connor and her son Marty O’Connor in California. Their story is so heartwarming Marty fell down a flight of stairs and became paralyzed from the shoulders down. As a former competitive snowboarder and volleyball player, he knew that he had to push himself to attend physical therapy five days a week in order for his body to be in a better place.

When he was written for Chapman University, he added that, “While my body was in a better place because of that, mentally, I was just kind of lost. I needed that mental confront and sought after to add some professional value to myself.”

Just two years before his misfortune, Marty had graduated from the University of Colorado in 2010. After he realized that he needed a new mental faced to inspire him, Marty decided to go back to school and work towards getting an MBA from Chapman University.

Certainly, as a quadriplegic, there was only so much that Marty was able to physically carry out on his own. With the use of his iPad, laptop, mouth stick, and voice appreciation software, Marty asked his mother for the huge act of kindness of help with getting to class and taking notes. That’s how it came to be that Judy ended up presence each and every class of Marty’s graduate MBA program at his side.

In order to this, after graduate the degree, he asked the school if it would be possible to surprise his mother with an honorary degree at his graduation. The school officials at Chapman University were delighted at the idea.

At this manner his mother pushed Marty in his wheelchair across the stage to receive his diploma and then Judy found herself heaved back to the center for her own moment in the attention. But there is some amazing condition was detained, this is Judy was receiving this honorary degree because she has worked untiringly at Marty’s side right through his entire graduate profession.


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