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  • “Mekelle; the City of Knowledge” how?? Part -Two

     staff employees. Beyond and on top of the academic mission, the university has done marvelous accomplishments in research and community service.

    As many other universities are doing, for example as what Bhdar dar University has named the city Bahr Dar; City of Wisdom, Mekelle university is also trying to express the city as aforementioned; City of Knowledge. But can the current appearance of the city lead us to say that? How dare this university called to the city just “city of knowledge” where there is no even one capable public library even to read a newspaper?

    Here I am not totally blame to the university where many of its missions are being done in a fruitful manner. It is a federal institution and is accomplishing what is expected from it in trendy way. So copping the knowledge infrastructure of the city up with the heartwarming catchphrase is beyond what Mekelle University can do.

    Leaving this for a while I just want to forward some of my opinions on what a city of knowledge should have been seems like. This is with a great hope and determinism the change.  

    We said “Mekelle; city of Knowledge”.  Well, what is knowledge in the first place? I do think that knowledge is man’s power to understand things and have an action consequently.  So knowledge’s foundation is information. Let me try to see this in a well paraphrased manner.

    Library is one of the sources of information and after a deep think and look at the information it becomes knowledge. But in Mekelle it was only that old and twisted Library located at Endamariam church. It is twisted and considered as recreation place of youth not a library. I was reading there when I was in campus. You can get out when you get bored and you can play a football game there in the compound. There was also (even now) a musical club in the compound of the library. Two of those things are anti what a library should be. Neither expansion nor management has shown and this has killed the library of the city which is named as a “city of knowledge”.

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  • “Mekelle; the City of Knowledge” how?? Part -One

     Abel Guesh   

    September 23, 2016

    There are many catchphrases used in the political arena of the country Ethiopia and Tigray where I am living in. I always trying to relate the notion of those bold words and their respective undertakings. But there is no as catchy and Clichy as the jingle of Derg regim; which is the well know saying “ኢትዮጰያ ትቅደም ያለ ደም” which literarily mean that “Ethiopia First without bloodshed.” Having this catchphrases at hand what Mengstu has done in contrary to the slogan is known. This converse always reminds me to deeply think this, “Could our practical works have been liner with what we have said, we would have been out of this mess sooner.” But we didn’t and cannot do that even latter.

    Mekelle is the capital city of the Tgrai regional state. It has been founded before one hundred and some decades years ago by the well known Ethiopian king of kings Emperor Yohannes fourth. After the death of the emperor at Metema’s frontier battle field it can be taken as a black age for Tigari in general and Mekelle as a headquarter of Ethiopia of the then time of in particular. Historians tell us that this black age has continued for one hundred years. But that age has been closed when Tigrai was free from the military government at the exact time of   100 years. This paved a way to Mekelle to become a center of commerce and politics.

    Mekelle university is among the prominent governmental institutions where mekelle has been benefited from. The progress of the university is incredible.   It was started under a single tree called momona and now it expanding at an alarming rate to the level of a small city with tens of thousands of students and staff employees. Beyond and on top of the academic mission, the university has done marvelous accomplishments in research and community service. 

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