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  • The most ridiculous cloths in the world

    The most ridiculous cloths in the world show as follow:

    #1 Hairy Chest Swimwear

    #2 Hug Me Jacket

    #3 Handbag

    #4 Jersey Knotted Beach Skirt Sarong

    #5 Atlanta

    #6 Lace Costume For Men

    #7 Bluebella ‘unwrap Me’ Body Bow

    #8 See-Through Plastic Jeans

    #9 Blazer

    #10 Cowboy Boot Sandals

    #11 Detachable Jeans

    #12 Fenty Puma By Rihanna

    #13 Feather-trimmed Mid-rise Flared Jeans

    #14 Cold Shoulder Jacket

    #15 $1,425. Oversized Jumpsuit

    #16 Sexy Shoes






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  • Eight years old Siberian girl is astonishing looks have a modeling.

    In the coldest area of Siberian Russia, an 8-year-old girl and her name is Nariyana. She was rare form of albinism that makes her look quite different than her family.

    As photographer Vadim Rufov has lead to Nariyana’s recent internet prominence and modeling offers have started pouring in. And also her mother, Elena, says  “We have already got many proposes from modeling and advertising agencies but I don't want her to work yet.”




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