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  • Ethiopian Wins First Cargo Transportation Award in China

    The Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services has received the Export & Import Cargo Transportation Award in China on February 7, 2018.

    Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services, Africa’s largest cargo operator, received the award at a Customers Symposium organized by Guangzhou Bayiun International Airport,

    The Ethiopian Airlines told ENA that top 10 international cargo carriers, domestic cargo carriers and cargo agents took part in the symposium.

    Tewolde GebreMariam, Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, said “As one of the strategic business units under the Ethiopian Airlines Group, Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services has been registering remarkable growth and success in implementing our ambitious strategic road map, Vision 2025.”

    He said “It is playing a leading role in supporting China – Africa investment and trade ties by availing critical air connectivity.”

    With state of the art cargo terminals in its main hub in Addis Ababa, it is capable of accommodating one million tons annually.

    Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services has eight dedicated freighters with another four on order.

    Currently, it flies to 44 global freighter destinations globally covering five continents and is supporting the import-export of the continent.

    Ethiopian has 13% share of the total international cargo transportation at Bayiun International Airport, according to the Ethiopian Airlines.

    source: ENA

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  • President Promotes 61 High-ranking Army Officers

    President Mualtu Teshome has promoted 61 army officers to the rank of Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, and General today.

    Those promoted to the rank of Brigadier General are:

    1. Colonel Fiseha Sintayehu Emiru
    2. Colonel Asrese Ayalew Tegegne
    3. Colonel Dadi Asfaw Ayane
    4. Colonel Alemayehu Wolde Jillo
    5. Colonel Berhe Kidane Srafel
    6. Colonel Dawit Woldesenbet Awgichew
    7. Colonel Asfaw Mamecha Yirdaw
    8. Colonel Tilahun Ashenafi Mamo
    9. Colonel Gidey Hailu Gebre-egziabher
    10. Colonel Shimelis Atnafu Dinqu
    11. Colonel Tesfaye Temesgen Abay
    12. Colonel Desalegn Dache Ulte
    13. Colonel Abadi Selamsa Abebe
    14. Colonel Mekonen Benti Tesso
    15. Colonel Kebede Regasa Gerbi
    16. Colonel Tages Lambamo Dmbore
    17. Colonel Negasi Tikue Lewte
    18. Colonel Dagnachew Yitbarek G/Mariam
    19. Colonel Fekadu Tsegaye Emiru
    20. Colonel Yirdaw G/Medhin G/Tsadeq
    21. Colonel Yilma Mequanent Tensay
    22. Colonel Berhanu Bekele Bedada
    23. Colonel Guesh Berhe Woldeselassie
    24. Colonel Abate Ali Flate
    25. Colonel Alemu Ayene Zeru
    26. Colonel Berhane Beyene Woldenegus
    27. Colonel Hailu Endashaw Atomsa
    28. Colonel G/Hiwot Sasinos Gebru
    29. Colonel Kebede Fekadu G/Medhin
    30. Colonel Mekonen Asfaw Qelbo
    31. Colonel Alemseged W/Wosen Berhe
    32. Colonel Solomon Bogale Mekonen
    33. Colonel W/Giorgis Teklay Asfaw
    34. Colonel Teshome Gemechu Adere
    35. Colonel Seid Tikuye Abegaz
    36. Colonel Mengistu Teklu Tessema
    37. Colonel Nuru Muzeyin Araro
    38. Colonel Wagnew Aleme Ayalew
    39. Colonel Hadgu Gebregiwergis Gebresellasie
    40. Colonel Mekonen Zewde Damene

    Those promoted to the rank of Major General are:

    1. Brigadier General Ataklti Berhe Gebremariam
    2. Brigadier General Yayne Seyoum Gebremariam
    3. Brigadier General Asrat Denoyero Ahmed
    4. Brigadier General Zewdu Belay Malefia
    5. Brigadier General Mulu Girmay G/Hiwot
    6. Brigadier General Feseha K/Mariam W/Hiwot
    7. Brigadier General Kumsa Shanqo Desta
    8. Brigadier General Wagnew Amare Desalegn
    9. Brigadier General Shuma Abdeta Hka
    10. Brigadier General Belay Seyoum Akele
    11. Brigadier General Mahamed Tessema Geremew
    12. Brigadier General Abdurahman Ismael Alo
    13. Brigadier General Mesele Meseret Tegegn
    14. Brigadier General Kefyalew Amde Tessema

    Those promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General are:

    1. Major General Mehari Zewde G/Mariam
    2. Major General Mola Hailemariam Alemayehu
    3. Major General Hassen Ibrahim Musa

    Those promoted to the rank of General are:

    1. Lieutenant General Seare Mekonen Yimer
    2. Lieutenant General Abreha W/Mariam Genzebu
    3. Lieutenant General Adem Mahamad Muahmed
    4. Lieutenant General Berhanu Jula Gelelcha

    Source: ENA

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  • Relations between Ethiopia, Egypt Like “Orthodox Marriage Without Divorce”: Egyptian Ambassador

    Egyptian Ambassador to Ethiopia Abu Bakr Hefny said that the relationship between Ethiopia and Egypt must be like an “Orthodox marriage without divorce”.

    In an exclusive interview with ENA, the Ambassador said the relations between the two countries are everlasting and historical.

    The Ambassador noted that the relationship between the two countries has reached the highest level in terms of diplomacy.

    He said the peoples of Ethiopia and Egypt have been enjoying close relationship since ancient times due to religion and civilization.

    Ambassador Hefny urged the need to further consolidate economic, diplomatic and people-to-people relations between the two countries.

    According to the Ambassador, the recent visit of Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn to Cairo represents a major step forward in the relations between the two countries.

    The discussion between the two leaders set important milestone in the promotion of diplomatic and political relations.

    The discussion has also contributed to the conclusion of agreements to cooperate in various areas including trade and hospitality industry, the establishment of an agricultural fund in Ethiopia, and Egyptian industrial zone.

    In addition to strong diplomatic ties, the two countries are working in collaboration in the health sector, where Egyptian health professionals provide voluntary services in Ethiopia during different times.


    Source: ENA

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  • Nile Basin Countries Have the Right to develop Nile River based on Mutual Benefits: President El Sisi

    President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said all Nile Basin countries, including Ethiopia, have the right to develop the Nile River based on the mutual benefits of their people.

    The President stated the above in a press briefing he gave alongside Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn after the Ethio-Egypt Joint Commission meeting.

    The leaders stressed that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) should not be a cause of conflict but that of solidarity between Ethiopia and Egypt.

    President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said the Nile River which has been a source of the longstanding and historical relations between the two countries is crucial in the livehood of the people.

    Thus all Nile Basin countries, including Ethiopia, have the right to develop the Nile River based on the mutual benefits of their people.

    According to him, the cooperation of Nile Basin countries can be described as exemplary.

    Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said on his part the Nile River is a source of cooperation, but not that of mistrust.

    The Premier, who noted that he realizes the significance of the Nile River for Egypt, emphasized the needs of the Ethiopian people to extricate themselves from poverty.

    "Ethiopia does not have the desire to harm any country in the basin in the process of building the dam," Hailemariam explained.

    Instead it is designed in such a manner as to benefit all the basin countries, according to the PM.

    He further stated that the idea proposed by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi the inclusion of a third in the technical committee would be considered. " If we continue with the trust we are now developing, we can resolve it by ourselves," he  stressed.

    The 6th Ethio-Egypt Joint Commission meeting is underway in Cairo.


    Source: ENA 

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  • UN Environment, WHO Agree to Collaborate in Curbing Environmental Health Risks

    UN Environment and WHO have agreed on a new, wide-ranging collaboration to accelerate action to curb environmental health risks that cause an estimated 12.6 million deaths in a year.

    The agreement to step up joint actions to combat air pollution, climate change and antimicrobial resistance as well as coordination on waste and chemicals management, water quality, and food and nutrition issues was signed yesterday in Nairobi.

    UN Environment Head Erik Solheim and WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom inked the agreement.

    This represents the most significant formal agreement on joint action across the spectrum of environment and health issues in over 15 years, WHO press release said.

    During the occasion, UN Environment Head Solheim said "There is an urgent need for our two agencies to work more closely together to address the critical threats to environmental sustainability and climate – which are the foundations for life on this planet. This new agreement recognizes that sober reality."

    WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros on his part noted that "Our health is directly related to the health of the environment we live in. Air, water and chemical hazards kill more than 12.6 million people a year. This must not continue."

    According to him, "Most of these deaths occur in developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America where environmental pollution takes its biggest health toll."

    The new collaboration creates a more systematic framework for joint research, development of tools and guidance, capacity building, monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals, global and regional partnerships, and support to regional health and environment fora, it was pointed out.

    The two agencies will develop a joint work program and hold an annual high-level meeting to evaluate progress and make recommendations for continued collaboration.

    Source: ENA

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